Umber Hulk

With the rising number of exceptional models for 3D printing available on the web I decided to invest into a 3D printer about two month ago. I went for an Anycubic Photon DLP resin printer and I am very happy with the printing results.

Managed to get my hands on a fantastic Umber Hulk 3D model from Greg Breault. His version of the iconic D&D monster is a mix between the bulkier AD&D version and the thinner current D&D version:
Umber Hulk render

The model printed without any problems:
Umber Hulk print

Finished model:
Umber Hulk

Iron Kingdoms RPG Player Character minis

As I already wrote I have been painting minis for my Iron Kingdoms RPG group for the last 2 1/2 years. With my new camera setup I started taking pictures, but with dozens of painted minis it will take some time to get them all up here. Lets start with the player characters. First off are new pics of Gillian and Dog, to whom I already introduced you to in July 2016:



Gillian & Dog

Final Bunch of Chibis

First post since 2016… Stopped posting, but not painting. But I did (for the moment) completely move away from painting Chibi minis. This started because I painted more and more minis for my RPG group, but was cemented by the disaster surrounding the Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter. SDE minis are THE definitive Chibi minis for me and the failure to deliver Legends took away a lot of my motivation to paint Chibis. So my quest to get all SDE Heroes painted (though nearly finished…) has been pushed far down my quest log and I haven’t painted any Chibis for 2 years now.

Due to a new photo setup I started taking pics of my paintjobs again yesterday and I wanted to share my 5 last SDE paintjobs:

Royal Warden

Royal Warden – painted July 2016

Mistmourn Shaman

Mistmourn Shaman – painted July 2016

Wandering Minstrel

Wandering Minstrel (with modified ears) – painted August 2016

Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight – painted August 2016

Kunoichi Candy

Kunoichi Candy – painted September 2016

Gillian & Dog

After years of not playing pen and paper RPGs I was asked some time ago to master a new group. I managed to convince the group that an Iron Kingdoms setting was a good choice and two days ago we had our first session.

Have been prepping for weeks and I’m in the process of painting multiple minis for the campaign. The first two minis I finished were the player character Gillian Ashburn, a noblewoman who chose her passion of mechanikal engineering over the demands of her family and standing, and her ‘Jack “Dog”



Gillian & Dog