Page update

I ran into some troubles with the menu of this blog and decided to do some updates and fixes to the site. Most of the stuff was behind-the-scenes tech updates but while working on the pages I decided to also do some minor restructuring.

An overwhelming number of spam comments forced me to add a captcha plugin to the comments. Up to 100 spam comments per day are not funny.

In addition to the technical updated I also updated every single mini page and added some background info for each mini and the name of the sculptor. Sadly I have no idea who sculpted most of the Privateer Press and Super Dungeon Explore minis. If you happen to know a sculptor for a mini, please let me know in the comments.

Late last year my trusted mini display cabinet broke down. Luckily only the lower three shelves were affected, but nevertheless over one hundred minis took a serious fall.

Damaged minis

Most of my painting time has since been spent restoring those minis, and about 30 still need major work.

I have been working on some new stuff, too, which I hope to be able to post soon.