Puppet Gillian

I love to present the occasional wacky or even plain weird adventure to my RPG group and bring it to life with fitting minis. Arguably the best of those I have played in a long time was “No Strings Attached” from Wyrd Games, which we played last year.
In this adventure the players are captured by a swamp witch and wake up as voodoo puppets in her hut. Trying to escape they are caught up in a war between two voodoo puppet factions and meet quite a few strange things living in the hut of the witch.
I started prepping the minis for the adventure back in late 2016 and mostly used the minis from Wyrd Games “Puppet Wars” line, which was the inspiration for the adventure itself.

So, first off we have the puppet of first PC, Gillian:
A mass of delicate red dreadlocks above her mismatched button eyes are the main distinguishing feature of this puppet made of wood and cloth. Her intricate littles goggles serve no real purpose, as they are sewn to her forehead. They look cool, though. A kitchen knife and a cork gun, which fires with a satisfying “pop”, are firmly attached to her “hands”.

Puppet Gillian

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