Ever since we decided to play the Pathfinder Kingmaker adventure path with our group I have been searching for a good Jabberwock model. In my mind he is kind of a cover monster for the adventure path, even though he is not on any of the original adventures covers.
Sadly there are rather few Jabberwock models out there. I do not like the “official” Pathfinder Jabberwock model by Reaper Miniatures and it is also rather small for my taste. There is a 3d model by Rocket Pig Games, which looks ok, but would have been a challenge to print in the size I wanted it to be. Owlcat Games released a very cool looking Jabberwock mini as part of their Kickstarter for the Kingmaker CRPG, but after trying to find one of these very limited models for over I year a gave up on that.
Luckily Crooked Dice released their own version of the Jabberwock in late 2020. The model looks nice and it is big enough to have a really threatening presence on the tabletop.
While the traditional Pathfinder Jabberwock is green I went for an original color scheme for mine with a jade green base color and purple highlights. The purple spots took forever to paint, but I’m quite happy with how they look on the model.

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