Alexia Ciannor

Alexia Ciannor

January 2011

Alexia frontAlexia leftAlexia backAlexia right

Alexia Ciannor, the girl that started it all in the classic Witchfire adventure series for the Iron Kingdoms.

This is not the official Warmachine Mercenary mini, but the original Iron Kingdoms RPG mini. This older mini better captures the way I imagined the character in the adventure series.

I added a skeleton emerging from the ground at her feet. This is a rather old Rackham Online Store exclusive which I finally found a perfect place for.

Obsessed with finding a way to bring her murdered mother back from the dead, Alexia Ciannor has turned to the life of a mercenary to increase her knowledge of death magic. By wielding the vile and legendary sword the Witchfire, she raises and controls the dead with startling ease, but the relic’s dark whispers bring Alexia to the brink of madness.

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