Final Bunch of Chibis

First post since 2016… Stopped posting, but not painting. But I did (for the moment) completely move away from painting Chibi minis. This started because I painted more and more minis for my RPG group, but was cemented by the disaster surrounding the Super Dungeon Explore: Legends Kickstarter. SDE minis are THE definitive Chibi minis for me and the failure to deliver Legends took away a lot of my motivation to paint Chibis. So my quest to get all SDE Heroes painted (though nearly finished…) has been pushed far down my quest log and I haven’t painted any Chibis for 2 years now.

Due to a new photo setup I started taking pics of my paintjobs again yesterday and I wanted to share my 5 last SDE paintjobs:

Royal Warden

Royal Warden – painted July 2016

Mistmourn Shaman

Mistmourn Shaman – painted July 2016

Wandering Minstrel

Wandering Minstrel (with modified ears) – painted August 2016

Twilight Knight

Twilight Knight – painted August 2016

Kunoichi Candy

Kunoichi Candy – painted September 2016

Thundervale Huntress

I’m currently prepping for a new RPG group and do not get around to paint as much as I would like. Did manage to finish the final SDE hero from the Forgotten King box, though – the Thundervale Huntress.

Really loved the idea that they have rune-like markings and had a lot of fun researching runes and coming up with my own designs.

Thundervale Huntress

Princess Emerald

Continuing with the heroes from the Forgotten King box, I chose Princess Emerald as my next painting project. I did not like the mini very much and just wanted to get her done.

Surprisingly I really started to like the mini while painting. She has a strong steampunk vibe which really comes together very well when painted. Like how the hair turned out.

Princess Emerald

Questing Knight

After spending some time painting other chibis I’ve returned to Super Dungeon Explore and finally started painting the Forgotten King heroes. There are sixteen of them and as I want to get them finished before SDE Legends arrives it was about time to start.

First off there is the Questing Knight, one of the four heroes directly from the Forgotten King box. I really liked his original red / green color scheme and tried to get the colors as close to the artwork as possible.

Questing Knight

Jack Scarecrow

Jack Scarecrow, the second Halloween themed mini released late last year by Soda Pop.

Went with the same nmm metal colors for his weapon I used for Scarlet. Again I am happy with the results and I think I will use this approach for all nmm metal weapons from now on.

The scarf was a real challenge. I wanted it to look as close to the original artwork as possible and I think for my first try at a checkered pattern this small it turned out ok.

Jack Scarecrow