What’s up next?

Since the release of the new plastic Warjacks from Privateer Press I’ve wanted to try out one of the Khador heavy kits. I’m rather skeptic about the models as I’m not a huge fan of plastic. Additionally I don’t really like the changes in the Khador chassis.

On the other hand plastic models generally assemble with less effort and are way easier to pose and modify.

I’ve chosen Torch as my first Khador plastic jack.

Khador Torch

Khador Torch Concept by Chris Walton

What’s up next?

My original plan was to start with the Khador Conquest as soon as the Gun Carriage was completed, but after finishing the Gun Carriage I’m not in the mood to continue with the next large scale resin model.

Instead of the Conquest I’ve decided to select Zeeona from Studio McVey as my next project.


What’s up next?

My next project is the Khador Gun Carriage from Privateer Press. The boxed mini has been sitting around on a shelf for over a year now and it is time that it gets some attention.

The first impression after opening the box is that it will take a lot of work. I hope it will be finished till the release of the Khador Conquest at the end of the month, but I’m not very optimistic about that.

Khador Gun Carriage

Khador Gun Carriage Concept by Chris Walton

Whats up next?

After finishing the Super Dungeon Explore Hero minis I’ll return to something more traditional (for me) – terrain.

I got my hands on the first three minis from Mannikin Studios series of fae trees based on the artworks of Arthur Rackham for Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

I’ll put these on some 40mm bases and paint them as part of my modular forest terrain.

Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham
Illustration from Grimm’s Fairy Tales