Queen Elsa of Arendelle

My plan was to finally start with the Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King heroes, after finishing Lunara and her Wisp, but there were some extra minis in Marks last package which desperately needed some paint.

Today I present Disneys Snow Queen Elsa.


I wanted to do something special with her cloak and add a glitter effect. Tried some approaches and finally found tiny deco crystals which replicated the effect I was looking for.


Again created SDE Cards for the model, this time based on the stats of the Ember Mage.

Lunara, First Daughter of Cenarius

I’ve invested countless hours in Blizzards Heroes of the Storm. There are more popular MOBAs out there, but after playing Blizzard games for more than a decade a game where all the greatest Blizzard heroes are united is rather special to me.

Among all those great heroes Lunara is my favorite one (although she just got serious competition by Tracer) and Velvet Mark was nice enough to sculpt a chibi version of her for me.

Spend the majority of the last month getting her and her base just right and finally finished her shortly ago. I went with her original colors, though it was very tempting to paint her in her frost dryad scheme.


Also created SDE Cards for her, based on the stats of the Thundervale Huntress.


After receiving my Arcadia Quest minis from Kickstarter last year, I picked out the models I liked best and painted them. I have to admit, that I did not like most of the character designs. From all the minis in the box I only painted four.

Some time ago we started playing Arcadia Quest and I had to pick 3 characters for my guild. I picked Sonja and Nibbles first, as I had already painted them (I tend to pick characters in a board game based on which character design I like and not how effective the characters are). Elysia and Chooloo were already taken by that time, so I had to pick another character. After some deliberation I choose Scarlet and I did not regret my decision.

So far Scarlet did not really shine in-game (Sonja is a beast and I tend to activate her a lot), but she had of course to be painted after I picked her for my guild. The model is fantastic and I really don’t know why I did not paint her last year with the other minis.


Tried something new with her dagger. After reading a lot about painting weapons in non-metal-metal I completely changed my so far rather simple approach and modified my color choice. Really happy with the result. Takes a lot more time than my old approach, but the result is far superior. Will apply this technique to all my models from now on.

Star Wars: Armada Corellian Corvettes

I really liked what difference the change of the color of the markings on the Nebulon-B Frigate did and decided to do the same thing to one of my Corellian Corvettes. Very simple paintjob, changing the red markings to green.

green Corellian Corvette

Originally I had no plans to do any changes to my second corvette. This changed after I saw the season 1 finale of Star Wars Rebels shortly thereafter. I really liked the paintjobs of the three corvettes shown in this episode. Two of the ships sported the markings from the original trilogy in blue, but one had different markings, which set it apart. I decided to apply this markings to my second corvette.

Removed all existing markings by painting over them with the base color of the model and then applied the new blue markings. Really like the result.

green Corellian Corvette

Star Wars Armada Nebulon-B Frigates

I’m looking forward to my first SW Armada game this weekend and have been preparing the fleet.

For the most part the prepainted Star Wars minis are just fine and need no additional work, but the Nebulon-B frigate looked a bit too clean for me. I decided to add a dark wash to the model, which helped to bring out the details a bit more. In addition I decided to change the color markings of one frigate from red to yellow to get some more variety on the battlefield.


Groot plant pot

Due to Witcher 3 soaking up most of my free time I did not get around to paint much in the last month. Was able to finish up a project I have been working on for some time now, though – my Groot sapling plant pot.

Saw this idea some time ago on reddit and just had to create my own. The mini is based on a Funky POP! Bubblehead which I cut apart, remodeled a bit with modelling putty and then repainted.

Planning to plant some cress in his head soon.