Sivalla Ebonrock, Advocate of Thamar

Finished August 2016

Siva front
Siva back

Sivalla “Siva” Ebonrock is a fixer for the high society in the city of Corvis. Whenever a noble of the city needs someone to make a problem go away, or make a deal with an unsavory character, Siva is called upon. Though only in her mid-twenties the young woman is already a highly skilled infiltrator and investigator, aided by her natural aptitude for magic. Her success rate is quite high, and her price accordingly.
Siva very much believes in the self-centered teachings of her goddess Thamar. She values the principle that you have to earn what you keep and that you get to keep what you earned, but rejects the more radical and publicly frowned upon interpretations of Thamar’s teachings.
Those who know her better tend to notice that she acted in contradiction to her believes on a number of occasions, lending aid without getting anything in return. Pressed on that matter she will justify those actions with “collecting favors”, but in reality this behavior stems from one of the secrets she keeps hidden at all times – that her estranged father was a devout priest of Morrow and that his altruistic teachings still affect her to this day.

Miniature: “Cosset” from Guild Ball’s Mortician’s Guild
Manufacturer: Steamforged Games
Material: metal
Base size: 30mm

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