Neo-Bloc Goshawks

Neo-Bloc Goshawks

Finished February 2015

Goshawk GroupGoshawk Alpha frontGoshawk Alpha leftGoshawk Alpha backGoshawk Alpha rightGoshawk Beta frontGoshawk Beta leftGoshawk Beta backGoshawk Beta rightGoshawk Gamma frontGoshawk Gamma leftGoshawk Gamma backGoshawk Gamma right

A trio of Neo-Bloc Goshawks in the alpha, beta and gamma variants.

I went for a rather simple grey military style paint scheme. Tried around with grey camo but in the end I liked a simple light grey with contrasting dark grey better.

All three mechas have magnetized weapon arms, so I can change the layout if I wish.

To get a bit of variety I reposed the legs of the Alpha and Beta variant.

I used Warlord Games Bolt Action decals for the soviet stars and Battlefront Miniatures decals for the numbers.

The minis were sculped by Jon Paulson.

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