Queen Elsa of Arendelle

My plan was to finally start with the Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King heroes, after finishing Lunara and her Wisp, but there were some extra minis in Marks last package which desperately needed some paint.

Today I present Disneys Snow Queen Elsa.


I wanted to do something special with her cloak and add a glitter effect. Tried some approaches and finally found tiny deco crystals which replicated the effect I was looking for.


Lunara, First Daughter of Cenarius

I’ve invested countless hours in Blizzards Heroes of the Storm. There are more popular MOBAs out there, but after playing Blizzard games for more than a decade a game where all the greatest Blizzard heroes are united is rather special to me.

Among all those great heroes Lunara is my favorite one (although she just got serious competition by Tracer) and Velvet Mark was nice enough to sculpt a chibi version of her for me.

Spend the majority of the last month getting her and her base just right and finally finished her shortly ago. I went with her original colors, though it was very tempting to paint her in her frost dryad scheme.


Also created SDE Cards for her, based on the stats of the Thundervale Huntress.

SDE Jack Scarecrow

Jack Scarecrow, the second Halloween themed mini released late last year by Soda Pop.

Went with the same nmm metal colors for his weapon I used for Scarlet. Again I am happy with the results and I think I will use this approach for all nmm metal weapons from now on.

The scarf was a real challenge. I wanted it to look as close to the original artwork as possible and I think for my first try at a checkered pattern this small it turned out ok.

Jack Scarecrow

Arcadia Quest – Scarlet

After receiving my Arcadia Quest minis from Kickstarter last year, I picked out the models I liked best and painted them. I have to admit, that I did not like most of the character designs. From all the minis in the box I only painted four.

Some time ago we started playing Arcadia Quest and I had to pick 3 characters for my guild. I picked Sonja and Nibbles first, as I had already painted them (I tend to pick characters in a board game based on which character design I like and not how effective the characters are). Elysia and Chooloo were already taken by that time, so I had to pick another character. After some deliberation I choose Scarlet and I did not regret my decision.

So far Scarlet did not really shine in-game (Sonja is a beast and I tend to activate her a lot), but she had of course to be painted after I picked her for my guild. The model is fantastic and I really don’t know why I did not paint her last year with the other minis.


Tried something new with her dagger. After reading a lot about painting weapons in non-metal-metal I completely changed my so far rather simple approach and modified my color choice. Really happy with the result. Takes a lot more time than my old approach, but the result is far superior. Will apply this technique to all my models from now on.

Gelatinous Cube

I found this cute SDE sized Gelatinous Cube on Shapeways and as the Cubes are some of my favorite monsters from D&D, I decided I needed one.

I ordered the model in “Plastic: Frosted ultra detail”, which is one category below the printing quality I chose for the Ghost model. I don’t know if it was due to the printing quality or the model itself, but there were noticable steps on the surfaces of the sides and top of the cube. As there were none on the front and the eyes I think it is an issue with the model, rather than the printing quality. The problem was only minor, though, as a few strokes with a file removed the steps.

Gelatinous Cube

SDE Kasaro To

I have to admit, that I was very disappointed with Kasaro To’s sculpt when it was released. The other SDE Relic Knights crossover mini sculpts look great, but his proportions are just off and he doesn’t have a chibi flair at all. Nevertheless, he is a SDE mini and so he had to be painted. ;)

I chose to paint him in an original paint scheme, heavily inspired by the Mogu from World of Warcraft’s Mists of Pandaria expansion. To further the Asian theme I added a small lantern from Wyrd Games Asian Zen Base Accessories to his base.

Kasaro To

Page update

I used the time around christmas to polish the website a bit. The preview pics I used until recently were rather small and showed only a small section of the actual image, so I redid all of the preview pictures on the mini pages. Updated the category pages, too, to get more of a gallery feeling.

Additionally I added a painting timeline where I list everything I paint:

Painting Timeline

While going through lots of old photos I found some photos of terrain elements from June and July 2010 which I forgot to add to the page. Fixed that:

Tree Stumps

Large Plants