Groot plant pot

Due to Witcher 3 soaking up most of my free time I did not get around to paint much in the last month. Was able to finish up a project I have been working on for some time now, though – my Groot sapling plant pot.

Saw this idea some time ago on reddit and just had to create my own. The mini is based on a Funky POP! Bubblehead which I cut apart, remodeled a bit with modelling putty and then repainted.

Planning to plant some cress in his head soon.


Chibi Witch Elf

May nears its end and with it my Velvet Mark month, too. As a fourth entry I decided to paint his version of a witch elf.

Witch Elf

I actually found a Warhammer Fantasy Dark Elf Codex from 1996 in my old tabletop stuff. Love how this mini took me back to this time. Same goes for a lot of Marks minis actually. Really like that.

Chibi Spriggan

For my third Velvet Mark mini this month I decided on his chibi interpretation of a Skyrim Spriggan. I spend countless hours in the frozen land myself and the mini seemed a fitting tribute to my fond memorys of the game.

As with all my chibi minis I went with my typical self made flagstone base. In this case I wanted to add a bit of nature and so I used some old Games Workshop and Busch bits, along with some self made mushrooms and MiniNatur grass to spruce up the base.


Li Li Stormstout

Velvet Mark offered to sculpt a chibi mini for me this march and I decided on World of Warcrafts Pandaren adventurer Li Li Stormstout.

The result was, in my opinion, one of the best minis he has ever sculpted, which is easily the same quality as commercially available chibi minis by professional sculptors. I am deeply impressed by his work.

Using his new pressure cast setup the quality of the cast is equally impressive as the sculpt itself. The model came with no bubbles or mold lines, just some easily removable flash. After working with the Privateer Press Conquest for weeks it was a joy to work with this model.

Li Li Stormstout

In celebration of this wonderful model I decided to paint one of Marks models each week this month, making this my official Velvet Mark month.

Khador Conquest Colossal

When Privateer Press announced the second wave of Colossals some weeks ago, I decided it was time to paint the Khador Conquest from the first wave, which has been collecting dust for more than two years now.


Once again I was very disappointed with the quality of a large scale Privateer Press resin model. The Conquest was even worse than the Gun Carriage. Bubbles, very noticeable mold lines, even left over silicone from the molds, this model has it all. It took nearly as long to clean and assemble it as it took to paint it

Arcadia Quest – Sonja

As advertised I present a fourth Arcadia Quest mini at the end of the month – Sonja.
She was the first exclusive of the Arcadia Quest KS and in my opinion one of the best minis of the game. She is also a great alternative to the Claw Tribe Babarian in SDE.