Khador Conquest Colossal

When Privateer Press announced the second wave of Colossals some weeks ago, I decided it was time to paint the Khador Conquest from the first wave, which has been collecting dust for more than two years now.


Once again I was very disappointed with the quality of a large scale Privateer Press resin model. The Conquest was even worse than the Gun Carriage. Bubbles, very noticeable mold lines, even left over silicone from the molds, this model has it all. It took nearly as long to clean and assemble it as it took to paint it

Arcadia Quest – Sonja

As advertised I present a fourth Arcadia Quest mini at the end of the month – Sonja.
She was the first exclusive of the Arcadia Quest KS and in my opinion one of the best minis of the game. She is also a great alternative to the Claw Tribe Babarian in SDE.


Arcadia Quest – Elysia

I’m not a big fan of Cool Mini or Not and their decision to use Kickstarter as a distribution plattform for obviously completely finished games, but their Arcadia Quest Kickstarter intrigued me. The style of their minis is close to SDE and although I did not care for most of the minis, some of them were very nice.

Elysia was one of the main reasons for me to back the project and after the finished product arrived she was the first mini from the set I painted:


I will be painting some additional minis from the set in the coming weeks.

Lara Croft

I once again commissioned a mini of one of my all time video game characters in chibi form from Martin Baker. I’ve been a fan of Lara Croft since the very first Tomb Raider game, released 1996. Still got the original game box sitting on a shelf. The re-imagination of Tomb Raider in 2013 by Crystal Dynamics was a fantastic way to reinvigorate the character and the franchise.

This model is based on the 2013 version of Lara, featuring her new signature weapons, the bow and the climbing axe. The model was painted in the classic Lara Croft color scheme.

Lara Croft

Mecha Front Neo-Bloc Goshawks

After painting mainly chibi minis for some time now, it wanted to paint something different.

As couple of mecha minis from Jon Paulson’s Mecha Front Kickstarter arrived late last year I jumped at the opportunity and began painting them. I loved mecha minis since I got my hands on BattleTech minis in the late 80s. Have painted dozens of those and the Mecha Front minis remind me of them a lot. As an added bonus they have a much more appealing size with 15mm instead of the 6mm BattleTech minis.

It took quite some time to finish the minis, as I was also fixing my damaged Warmachine minis at the same time. Some repositioning of the legs and adding magnets to the weapon arms so I could exchange the weapon layout also added to the time it took to finish the minis.

At long last all three variants of the Neo-Bloc Goshawk are finished. Need to find some time to try out the game system, soon.

Neo-Bloc Goshawks

Page update

I ran into some troubles with the menu of this blog and decided to do some updates and fixes to the site. Most of the stuff was behind-the-scenes tech updates but while working on the pages I decided to also do some minor restructuring.

An overwhelming number of spam comments forced me to add a captcha plugin to the comments. Up to 100 spam comments per day are not funny.

In addition to the technical updated I also updated every single mini page and added some background info for each mini and the name of the sculptor. Sadly I have no idea who sculpted most of the Privateer Press and Super Dungeon Explore minis. If you happen to know a sculptor for a mini, please let me know in the comments.

Late last year my trusted mini display cabinet broke down. Luckily only the lower three shelves were affected, but nevertheless over one hundred minis took a serious fall.

Damaged minis

Most of my painting time has since been spent restoring those minis, and about 30 still need major work.

I have been working on some new stuff, too, which I hope to be able to post soon.

SDE Fireflow Denizens

My Relic Knights Kickstarter pledge including the SDE crossover minis arrived and the new SDE heroes from this set are on the top of my painting list now. Before I start with them I’m finishing up two SDE spawns, though.

The first of the two, the Fireflow Denizens, are done. They are the first complete spawn I finished for SDE.

Fireflow Denizens