SDE Fireflow Denizens

My Relic Knights Kickstarter pledge including the SDE crossover minis arrived and the new SDE heroes from this set are on the top of my painting list now. Before I start with them I’m finishing up two SDE spawns, though.

The first of the two, the Fireflow Denizens, are done. They are the first complete spawn I finished for SDE.

Fireflow Denizens

SDE Kaelly the Nether Strider

Kaelly is done and so I managed to get all SDE Minibosses finished before the Relic Knights SDE crossovers arrived. This marks the first time, that I’ve finished all currently available SDE Heroes, Bossed and Minibosses.

Kaelly the Nether Strider

I’ve started working on the Fireflow Denizens, but as I recently received a package with some new custom chibis from Velvet Mark, they will have to wait a bit longer to see some paint.

SDE Captain R

Finished another SDE Miniboss – Captain R. He reminds me a lot of LeChuck from the Monkey Island series, so I painted him up to look like LeChuck.

Captain R

My quest to finish up all SDE Bosses and Minibosses is not done yet. Shortly before I finished the Captain the new Miniboss Kaelly finally arrived at my local game store. She’ll be up next.

SDE Death Spectre

My quest to “finish all current SDE Bosses and Minibosses” is nearing its end. Today I present the Death Spectre, a Miniboss from the Van Drakk expansion.

Death Spectre

Only one Miniboss to go. Time for my Relic Knights SDE minis to arrive…


Elizabeth (Anna DeWitt) from Bioshock Infinite is one of my all time video game character favorites. I employed the services of the very talented Martin Baker to sculpt a chibi version of her. Painted her up in her original colors.


SDE Roxor

Continuing with Caverns of Roxor, here is the boss himself: Roxor


I used the same flame style for Roxor which I already established with Rock Gut.

One of the main foci of the mini was, once again, the base. I used the whole base to sculpt a small lava pool, rimmed by rocks, from which he erupts.

SDE Rock Gut

Having finished all Bosses and Minibosses of the SDE base set, I’m continuing my quest to finish all Bosses and Minibosses in the Caverns of Roxor. First up is Rock Gut the Troll.

Rock Gut

He was my first SDE mini which featured flames. As there are a lot more of them in the Caverns of Roxor set, I wanted to get the flames right and use them as a template for future ones. After multiple trys and repaints I settled on more comic-like and less realistic flames. I’m rather happy with the result and think they fit very well with my SDE painting style.

Tried something new with his base. I bought some rough gemstone shards and added three amethysts to the base. They look rather nice in the right light, but do look rather dull when not directly lit by a light source. Not sure yet, if I’ll use those again.