Super Dungeon Explore

The cute chibi / super-deformed style of Super Dungeon Explore won me over as soon as I saw the first pictures of the game. Painting the minis was a welcome new challenge.
To better capture the anime flair of the minis I decided to paint them in non metal metal and using mostly matte colors.


Forgotten King

Relic Knight Crossovers

Van Drakk Manor

Caverns of Roxor

SDE Classic




4 thoughts on “Super Dungeon Explore

  1. This is just insane, I will paint every SDE mini using your pictures as a reference. Your skills are out of this world and the colors you choose is beyond anything I’ve seen on the web.

    1. Thank you very much. I would like to recommend the Soda Pop SDE forums to you. There are a lot of very talented artists around there, who inspired me very much:

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