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No Strings Attached

I love to present the occasional wacky or even plain weird adventure to my RPG group and bring it to life with fitting minis. Arguably the best of those was “No Strings Attached” from Wyrd Games, wherein the players are transformed into voodoo puppets and have to escape the hut of a swamp witch in which two voodoo puppet factions are fighting each other.

Voodood Puppets

Food Mimics


The word “Chibi” was completely new to me, when I saw the first Chibi style Super Dungeon Explore Minis in 2011. I immediately fell in love with the style and since then a lot of the minis I paint have been Chibi minis.

Velvet Mark

I saw some of Velvet Marks sculpts on the SDE forums in 2014 and was immediately impressed with his work.

Arcadia Quest

The miniature design of Arcadia Quest is very close to the one of SDE, but I’m just not a big fan of most of their character designs. There are some fantastic models in the range, though.

Other Chibis


Mecha / Walker

Science Fiction


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