Kanerah, Tiefling Elementalist

Finished April 2020

Kanerah front
Kanerah back

A mysterious Tiefling Elementalist, who is rather tight-lipped about why she left the deserts of her native kingdom of Qadira behind.

Miniature: “Kathis” 3D model by Comet Lord Miniatures
Manufacturer: 3d print (DLP)
Material: UV sensitive resin
Base size: 30mm

1 thought on “Kanerah, Tiefling Elementalist

  1. Firstly amazing work on those Pathfinder figures. I’ve been trying to amass a collection of Pathfinder Kingmaker figures and the two Tiefling twins are the only two I’ve been struggling with. I did manage to find one that could substitute for Kalikke but not Kanerah and like you said that 3D printing one from Comet miniatures does fit perfectly

    I wish I could do it myself but unfortunately don’t have a 3D printer or the necessary painting skills. Do you ever do commissions by any chance? I really love that Kanerah figure but like I said don’t have the tools available to make it and I would be more than happy to commission you should you do requests.

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