Iron Kingdoms

I fell in love with the world of the Iron Kingdoms, setting of the Warmachine and Hordes Tabletops and the Iron Kingdoms RPG, since I saw the first preview minis for Warmachine.

Iron Kingdoms RPG

After not playing pen and paper RPGs for quite some time I was asked if I would master a new group in the summer of ’16. I agreed, as long as we would choose the Iron Kingdoms as our setting.

Immersion is a really important part of a role playing game for me, so I soon started to paint minis for the campaign.

Player Characters

The Enhanced




I’ve played Warmachine since the prerelease rules found their way into the internet. I loved the game, the minis, the world and how Privateer Press treats their customers. Well, at least until the 3rd incarnation of the game where Privateer Press suddenly dropped the ball with the evolution of the setting and the rules and most of all with the customer interaction. Nevetheless, after having played dozens of tabletop games Warmachine (pre V3) is still my favorite one.


Khador was my first Warmachine faction and still is my faction of choice many years later. I’m a sucker for bulky models and Khador provides.



Battle Engines





As my second favorite faction after Khador I wanted to start a Cryx army for a long time now. Didn’t really get very far.



Some Mercenaries fighting for Khador. I’m still toying with the idea of starting a Merc Warband.



Being a huge Warmachine fan I had to try Hordes at day one.

Circle of Orboros

Thought the Legion was my first choice for Hordes their models could never stand up the fantastic artwork. The Circle on the other hand has great miniatures. I really like their elemental constructs and hope to one day get around to paint one of each.



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