Fireflow Denizens

Fireflow Denizens

Finished September 2014

Fireflow groptLava Whirl frontLava Whirl backBlaze Beetle frontBlaze Beetle leftBlaze Beetle frontBlaze Beetle rightBurning Gels frontBurning Gels backFire Gels frontFire Gels backEmber Hounds frontEmber Hounds back

The Fireflow Denizens spawn consists of a Lava Whirl Spawn Point, one Blaze Beetle, three large Burning Gels, six small Fire Gels and two Ember Hounds. With 13 models it’s currently the largest single Spawn Point group.

After painting the fire bosses from Cavers of Roxor I wanted to finish up all SDE fire models, so the Fireflow Denizens seemed the logical choice. There wasn’t really much color choice in this one. I kept with the flame style I established with Roxor.

I used an airbrush for the green crystal. Was a lot of work to mask each facet with masking tape, prior to painting it. Love the result but will try the classic brush approach for the next big crystal.

Deep within the Dragonback Peaks beats the Molten Heart, the first source of fire on Crystalia. From its magma chambers endless rivers of lava bubble and boil to the surface, cascading down the mountainsides forming the Fire Flows.
The Fire Flows are surprisingly rich in life considering the harsh environment. Packs of Ember Hounds stalk its shores, dragging down the weak to be consumed in clouds of ash.
Massive insects, their carapaces glowing like steel from a forge, drink deep of the molten rock. Drakes bathe in its heat, their scales simmering in the fiery glow.
Like most places of great magical power the life is not limited to mortal creatures. Elemental gels are born by the thousands as volcanic eruptions ravage the landscape.
Ruling over it all is the Molten Lord, Roxor. Ancient as the mountains themselves, Roxor guards the heart and seeks to extend its fiery influence until all of Crystalia is consumed in flame.

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  1. I love all your painting and use it as a guide. I wish I had half your skills, but examining your pictures helps me a lot with the painting of my minis. Thank you!

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