Puppet Misery

Finished June 2017

Puppet Misery front
Puppet Misery back

The swamp witch doesn’t quite remember how many years ago she animated the first voodoo puppet, but of course she remembers which puppet it was, she created first – Misery, the Nightmare Teddy.
Among today’s puppets Misery is not much more than a myth. No living puppet has ever seen the first of their kind, only heard stories passed down by old puppets long deceased.
Misery spends her days sleeping in the witches bed, dreaming sweet dreams of slicing open other puppets with her razor sharp claws. Legend says only great violence could wake her from her slumber. Violence like dozens of puppets meeting on the battlefield maybe?

Miniature: 2014 Gen Con limited “Miss Ery” model
Manufacturer: Wyrd Games
Material: plastic
Base size: 40mm

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