Puppet Rotten Belle

Finished January 2017

Puppet Rotten Belle front
Puppet Rotten Belle back

There are two factions of puppets, “the Resistance” who want to leave the hut of the swamp witch and “the Traditionalists” who want every puppet to stay in the hut. Until a few month ago the Traditionalists were led by Belle, a powerful sorceress. Seamus, the current leader of the Traditionalists, took the leadership from Belle in a violent coup, which left her beaten and battered. Belle went into exile in the puppet graveyard under the bed of the Swamp Witch. In this desolate place she started to use her magic powers to raise the dead, intend on using them to wipe out all the living puppets in the hut.

Miniature: “Rotten Belle” model from Puppet Wars Unstitched
Manufacturer: Wyrd Games
Material: plastic
Base size: 20mm

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