Galina, the Sister of Blood

Finished July 2017

Galina front
Galina left
Galina back
Galina right

Galina, also known as the Sister of Blood, was one of five khadoran sisters leading the powerful criminal organization called the Red Scales in Corvis. While all of the sisters where powerful witches, whose youthful appearance belied the age and power, Galina was the most powerful and undisputed leader of the five. Through the use of ancient khadoran blood magic she was not only able to greatly enhance her physical attacks and bestow powerful curses on her enemies, but also to reshape her own body to fit her needs. In combat she preferred to transform her lower body to that of a snake to crush the life from her enemies.

Miniature: Marshalla Silvie
Manufacturer: Freebooter Miniatures
Material: metal
Base size: 50mm

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