Woldwarden #1

Woldwarden #1

Finished September 2007

Woldwarden #1 frontWoldwarden #1 leftWoldwarden #1 backWoldwarden #1 right

The first of two Woldwardens painted in 2007.
Remodeled the lower face and repositioned the right arm.

The mini is based on a PK-Pro Base.

I have no idea who sculped this mini. If you know more, please drop me a comment.
The Woldwarden’s solid frame is inscribed with an intricate lattice of glowing runes. Towering over most adversaries, their mighty stone fists are strengthened by nature’s wrath to deliver an onslaught of powerful blows. A Woldwarden’s greatest power is its mystical harmony with its controlling druid, allowing the Woldwarden to act as a conduit for the druid’s arcane might, fuelled by the power of earth.

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