Koldun Kommander Zerkova

Koldun Kommander Zerkova

Finished September 2012

Zerkova frontZerkova leftZerkova backZerkova rightZerkova base

Zerkova is one of those minis where I loved the concept art and was rather disappointed with the actual model. The original face looks weird, the mini looks rather flat and her “forward stride” pose is a bit odd.

I tried to solve at least two of those problems with my Zerkova. The most prominent conversion is her head. I removed the original head and replaced it with the Head of Rasputina from Malifaux. In addition I changed her pose to a more stationary one.

Few people in the Khadoran Empire have more drive than Aleksandra. Most of her peers see her intensity and zeal for the occult as unsettling. She employs soldiers and warjacks with equal dispassion, and most who come to know her deem her heartless and cruel. Certainly she has the will and the courage to walk into the darkness without flinching, a talent that may prove vital to Khador’s triumph in the months and years ahead.

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