Star Guild Sapper

Star Guild Sapper

Finished July 2013

Star Guild Sapper frontStar Guild Sapper leftStar Guild Sapper backStar Guild Sapper rightStar Guild Sapper closeup

Like all Roxor heroes the Star Guild Sapper is a reference to a classic Nintendo video game character, in this case Mario.

I wanted to honor the original source, but Marios red / blue colors didn’t really fit with my vision for the character. I decided to go for a red / grey color scheme and went for grey hair. Red is featured prominently as a nod to Mario.

Wherever the mountains touch the sky you can be sure to find dwarves of the Star Guild. There, at the roof of the world, they dig great sunken amphitheaters open to the twinkling night sky. With patience only a dwarf can muster, they wait for the very stars to fall from the heavens. When such an event occurs, no force on Crystalia can prevent them from retrieving the precious celestial metals for use in their forges.

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