Finished November 2013

Starfire frontStarfire front/leftStarfire leftStarfire left/backStarfire backStarfire right/backStarfire rightStarfire front/rightStarfire headStarfire base

Starfire is the original SDE Boss from the base set.

I painted him up in his basic red color with some orange/yellow highlights.

A lot of attention went into the base. I went for a classic dragon treasure feeling and added a pot of gold and a lot of scattered coins. The pot comes from the Tyson Koch’s Super 3D Dungeon Boards Kickstarter and the coins were made from cut down plastic rods.

While dragons are not uncommon in Crystalia, none inspire the terror of Starfire. From his volcanic mountain within the Dragonback Peaks he brings fire and destruction across the length and breadth of the realm. Vast herds are consumed by his appetites and entire treasuries are claimed by his greed.

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