Captain Vanessa Garrys

Finished September 2016

Vanessa front
Vanessa back

What started as a military sponsored program to improve the quality of prosthesis turned into a rogue program involving twisted minds, undeath, and mechanika. The result were the “Enhanced”, a group of undead scientist and ex-military personnel with extreme mechanical body enhancements.
Captain Vanessa Garrys, a brilliant engineer, was the mastermind behind the “Enhanced”. While the program started with nothing but the best intentions, a series of self-experiments conducted with the help of Professor Victor Halstead, twisted her mind and drove her to perform more and more extreme procedures on herself and her patients.

The adventure surrounding the “Enhanced” was based on Wyrds “The Ferryman” Penny Dreadful One-Shot.

Miniature: Steamborg Executioner variant “Miss Step”
Manufacturer: Wyrd Games
Material: plastic
Base size: 50mm

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