Sarina, Satyxis Gun Mage for Hire

Finished March 2017

Sarina front
Sarina back

Few Satyxis have an aptitude for firearms, and even fewer are gifted with the unique power to channel magic spells through their pistols like Sarina. As a gun mage she was a rare commodity among the subjects of Lord Toruk and it was expected of her to serve in the Black Fleet of the Nightmare Empire. However, that prospect did not really sit well with Sarina, so she stole away to the mainland, even though she knew that her kind was not welcome there. Finding a home in the underworld of the pirate city of Five Fingers she offered her considerable martial skills as a gun for hire. From time to time she fell in with one outfit or another, but those alliances were always only temporary as in the end Sarina only looks out for Sarina, abandoning allies immediately when it suited her.

Miniature: Satyxis Gunslinger
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Material: metal
Base size: 30mm

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