Tara Dust, Human Investigator

Finished August 2016

Tara front
Tara back

Tara grew up as a merchant’s daughter in Fharin. As a naturally curious girl she got in trouble often, but was always protected by her beloved father, who constantly encouraged her to follow her curiosity. Tara loved to play detective with her father on the few occasions he was home and not away on business. She was heartbroken, when her father did not come home from one of his journeys to Khador. The explanation of her mother, that he fell for another woman and left them never sounded right to her, so she started to investigate. Determined to find her father she spend years analyzing his life and trained tirelessly with the sword to be ready for her journey to find him. After her research let her to believe that her father was in fact a Cygnarian intelligence operative and no simple merchant only the serious illness her mother was afflicted with kept her from leaving to search her father. When her mother passed some time later, she headed for Corvis, directy to the south of the Khadoran border, to start the search for her father.

Miniature: Heroforge design
Manufacturer: Shapeways 3d print
Material: UV sensitive resin
Base size: 30mm

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