The Waterfront Butcher (Private Ennis Mosley)

Finished September 2016

Butcher frontButcher back

What started as a military sponsored program to improve the quality of prosthesis turned into a rogue program involving twisted minds, undeath, and mechanika. The result were the “Enhanced”, a group of undead scientist and ex-military personnel with extreme mechanical body enhancements.
Private Ennis Mosley, one of the first subjects of the program and complete mad and homicidal, escaped into Corvis and became known as the mysterious “Waterfront Butcher”, killing dozens of people along the river. This lead to one of the largest manhunts in the city in recent history and in the end to the discovery of the “Enhanced” program.

The adventure surrounding the “Enhanced” was based on Wyrds “The Ferryman” Penny Dreadful One-Shot.

An Iron Zombie from Wyrd Games was used for the Waterfront Butcher.

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