Queen Elsa of Arendelle

My plan was to finally start with the Super Dungeon Explore Forgotten King heroes, after finishing Lunara and her Wisp, but there were some extra minis in Marks last package which desperately needed some paint.

Today I present Disneys Snow Queen Elsa.


I wanted to do something special with her cloak and add a glitter effect. Tried some approaches and finally found tiny deco crystals which replicated the effect I was looking for.


Again created SDE Cards for the model, this time based on the stats of the Ember Mage.

Lunara, First Daughter of Cenarius

I’ve invested countless hours in Blizzards Heroes of the Storm. There are more popular MOBAs out there, but after playing Blizzard games for more than a decade a game where all the greatest Blizzard heroes are united is rather special to me.

Among all those great heroes Lunara is my favorite one (although she just got serious competition by Tracer) and Velvet Mark was nice enough to sculpt a chibi version of her for me.

Spend the majority of the last month getting her and her base just right and finally finished her shortly ago. I went with her original colors, though it was very tempting to paint her in her frost dryad scheme.


Also created SDE Cards for her, based on the stats of the Thundervale Huntress.

Chibi Spriggan

For my third Velvet Mark mini this month I decided on his chibi interpretation of a Skyrim Spriggan. I spend countless hours in the frozen land myself and the mini seemed a fitting tribute to my fond memorys of the game.

As with all my chibi minis I went with my typical self made flagstone base. In this case I wanted to add a bit of nature and so I used some old Games Workshop and Busch bits, along with some self made mushrooms and MiniNatur grass to spruce up the base.


Li Li Stormstout

Velvet Mark offered to sculpt a chibi mini for me this march and I decided on World of Warcrafts Pandaren adventurer Li Li Stormstout.

The result was, in my opinion, one of the best minis he has ever sculpted, which is easily the same quality as commercially available chibi minis by professional sculptors. I am deeply impressed by his work.

Using his new pressure cast setup the quality of the cast is equally impressive as the sculpt itself. The model came with no bubbles or mold lines, just some easily removable flash. After working with the Privateer Press Conquest for weeks it was a joy to work with this model.

Li Li Stormstout

In celebration of this wonderful model I decided to paint one of Marks models each week this month, making this my official Velvet Mark month.