Finished December 2013

Nocturne frontNocturne leftNocturne backNocturne rightNocturne base

Nocturne is the shapechanged version of Von Drakk, the boss of the Von Drakk Manor expansion.

I went for an original color scheme with Nocturne, with dark brown for his skin and a contrasting turquoise for his wings.

The vase on the base comes from the Tyson Koch’s Super 3D Dungeon Boards Kickstarter.

Those who meet the gaze of Von Drakk say it is like staring into the soul of the beast. None realize how correct they are. When in the full throes of blood-lust Von Drakk is overtaken by a hideous transformation his new form ideally suited to bringing carnage and ruin to his foes.

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