Castle Crashers

Finished March 2014

Knights GroupOrange Knight frontOrange Knight leftOrange Knight backOrange Knight rightBlue Knight frontBlue Knight leftBlue Knight backBlue Knight rightGreen Knight frontGreen Knight leftGreen Knight backGreen Knight rightRed Knight frontRed Knight leftRed Knight backRed Knight right

Velvet Mark was nice enough to provide me with some of his homemade Castle Crashers. I painted them up in the classic Castle Crashers colors and based them on my standard SDE bases.
Placing the flagstones on the bases takes a lot of time, so I decide to prepare a final bunch and made a mold from them. The Castle Crashers are my first minis which use bases I cast in resin myself.
The original minis came with a small sword. To get some variety I equipped them with some new weapons, courtesy of my bits box.

The Castle Crashers were sculped by Velvet Mark and are now also available in the Chibi Adventurers line from Impact! Miniatures.

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