Rock Gut

Rock Gut

Finished May 2014

Rock Gut frontRock Gut leftRock Gut backRock Gut rightRock Gut base

Rock Gut the Troll from the SDE Caverns of Roxor expansion set.

This was my first SDE mini which featured flames. As there are a lot more of them in the Caverns of Roxor set, I wanted to get the flames right and use them as a template for future ones. After multiple trys and repaints I settled on more comic-like and less realistic flames. I’m rather happy with the result and think they fit very well with my SDE painting style.

Tried something new with his base. I bought some rough gemstone shards and added three amethysts to the base. They look rather nice in the right light, but do look rather dull when not directly lit by a light source. Not sure yet, if I’ll use those again.

Rock Gut loves rock. Rock Gut would marry rock if he could. Sometimes Rock Gut talks to rock. He finds rock very understanding and a good listener. Mainly Rock Gut eats rock, digesting it in his fiery belly. Unfortunately, to Rock Gut everything is “rock”. Even if you’re a squirming Hero.

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