Khador Conquest


Finished April 2015

Conquest frontConquest front/leftConquest leftConquest back/leftConquest backConquest back/rightConquest rightConquest front/rightBase frontBase leftBase backBase right

Once again I was very disappointed with the quality of a large scale Privateer Press resin model. The Conquest was even worse than the Gun Carriage. Bubbles, very noticeable mold lines, even left over silicone from the molds, this model has it all. It took nearly as long to clean and assemble it as it took to paint it.

The Conquest was scultped by Jeff Wilhelm.

The Conquest is a walking mountain of steel bristling with some of the most powerful weapons ever used on the battlefields of the Iron Kingdoms. The deafening roar of the colossal’s steam-fed engine is punctuated by the staggering percussion of its devastating guns, which unleash a punishing barrage of shells able to reduce warjacks to slag and annihilate entire enemy formations. Deployed to the front lines, the Conquest brings unrivaled firepower to Khadoran battlegroups.

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