Two Corbies

Two Corbies

Finished June 2012

Two Corbies frontTwo Corbies leftTwo Corbies backTwo Corbies right

The third mini in the series of fae trees from Mannikin Studios.

This mini was the most disappointing in the series so far. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the mini itself and the quality of the sculpt is very good. The problem is the price and the quality of the miniature. For $12.50 (gone up to $16.50 in 2015) there is very few material used in the cast. The branches are very thin and a pain to assemble. One branch was snapped in my blister and it took quite some time to repair it. After assembling the mini has to be handled with great care, as the branches are very unstable and can be bent very easily. This model should have been cast in metal, not resin.

Based on a 40mm base with some MiniNatur elements.

The Two Corbies mini was sculped by Jody Siegel.

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