Khador Conquest Colossal

When Privateer Press announced the second wave of Colossals some weeks ago, I decided it was time to paint the Khador Conquest from the first wave, which has been collecting dust for more than two years now.


Once again I was very disappointed with the quality of a large scale Privateer Press resin model. The Conquest was even worse than the Gun Carriage. Bubbles, very noticeable mold lines, even left over silicone from the molds, this model has it all. It took nearly as long to clean and assemble it as it took to paint it

Khador Torch

Finally finished Torch:


I was really sceptic about the new Khador plastic warjack kits. I’m no fan of plastic and the new design with the larger back didn’t agree with me either.

It took me about a year to finally sit down with the kit and assemble a jack. My first impression wasn’t very good. The plastic took a lot of work to clean up and get ready for assembly. But once I began assembling Torch my doubts evaporated. The plastic allows for so much more flexibility than the metal kits gave me. It was very easy to reposition the legs and get a slightly twisted torso.

I’m very happy with the end result. The jack looks much more dynamic than any of my metal ones. In addition to that in direct comparison the proportions of the new chassis are much better then the old one. The legs and feet are a bit larger and fit better.

One of the only things I didn’t like about the new plasic kit is the absence of a Khador symbol on the back of the jack, so I decided to add one.

Koldun Kommander Zerkova

Finished Zerkova:


Zerkova is one of those minis where I loved the concept art and was rather disappointed with the actual model. The original face looks weird, the mini looks rather flat and her “forward stride” pose is a bit odd.

I tried to solve at least two of those problems with my Zerkova. The most prominent conversion is her head. I removed the original head and replaced it with the Head of Rasputina from Malifaux. In addition I changed her pose to a more stationary one.

Khador Gun Carriage

After weeks of work I am proud to present the finished Khador Gun Carriage

Gun Carriage

The model came with lots of flash and some very noticeable mold lines. It took a lot of work and modelling putty to get it ready for painting.

There were some minor conversions done to this model: the hatch on top of the carriage was repositioned to provide more cover for the rifleman and the legs of the two identical horses were slightly repositioned.