Von Drakk

Von Drakk

Finished December 2013

Von Drakk frontVon Drakk leftVon Drakk backVon Drakk rightVon Drakk closeup

Von Drakk is the boss of the second SDE expansion, Von Drakk Manor.

I wanted to keep away from the standard black vampire cloth and went for a red cloak inspired by the ’92 Dracula movie. His wings were painted to match the colors of Nocturne, his shapechanged version.

Von Drakk has despoiled his homeland like eternal an plague. Once teeming with life the moorlands are now a haven for witches’ covens, foul swamp creatures, and the unquiet dead. Von Drakk cares not, so long as his manor retains its splendor and his dark appetites remain sated.

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