Tantock Lynes, Human Infernalist

Finished March 2017

Tantock front
Tantock back

Gaining ever more power was the driving motivation of Tantock Lynes. Surrounded by other ambitious and scrupulous individuals in the pirate infested coastal city of Five Fingers, crime, disposable henchmen and even magic only got him so far. Wanting more Tantock began dealing with Infernals, inadvertently signing over his soul for the location of an ancient artifact which collected nearby souls released in torment. Tantock found the artifact and used it during the local Firelight Festival, where he and his right-hand woman Sarina killed dozens of innocents and collected their souls in the artifact. Just as he was conducting a ritual in his hideout to permanently empower himself with the collected souls, a group of meddling adventurers cornered him. Interrupting the ritual Tantock defended himself, using the power of the souls to rain vengeance on the insignificant intruders. But as the fight dragged on, the power of the souls started to fade and when the fight shifted against him and Sarina abandoned him, he summoned his infernal benefactor, asking him to destroy the intruders. To his horror the Infernal did no such thing, instead citing their contract it collected his soul along with the others he so dutifully collected, leaving behind only his dead body.

Miniature: Velmarius Elazarin
Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Material: metal
Base size: 30mm

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