Alyssa Ferryl, Nyss Ice Sorceress

Finished August 2018

Alyssa front
Alyssa back

Alyssa grew up in a large Shard hidden far north in the mountains of Khador. While she was not as good a hunter or tracker as her siblings, her budding sorcerous talents made her the favorite of her also gifted mother. Life in the constant winter of the north was harsh, but Alyssa was happy with her life and practicing her magic. This changed in moments, when the corruption of Everblight spread throughout her shard. Having lost most of her family to the blight or the minions of Everblight, she fled south with her last remining brother, seeking shelter in Korsk for some time. While Alyssa adapted to city life, prejudice and sometimes open hostility from the Khadorans weighted heavy on her and her brother. Along with some other Nyss refugees they decided to travel farther south to the lands of Cygnar in hoping to find more open minded people. Shortly before they arrived in Corvis, Alyssa’s brother went missing along with some other members of the group. After a futile search Alyssa continued to Corvis, looking for help to find her brother.

Miniature: Lanyssa Ryssyl
Manufacturer: Privateer Press
Material: metal
Base size: 30mm

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