Finished October 2016

Lukas front
Lukas left
Lukas back
Lukas right

Milo Torm – prodigy arcane mechanic, alchemist, Thamarite cultist, sociopath and creator of the Warjack simply called Lukas.
Milo was instructed by his cult leader, Morton Rorke, to create a Warjack in the style of the dreaded Cryxian ‘Jacks. Milo reveled in the challenge and created a true masterpiece of terror – a Warjack that could collect the souls of his victims to sustain a potent power field around him. As long as it had enough victims to slaughter the warjack would be nearly impervious to damage. Milo affectionally named his creation Lukas, in honor of Scion Lukas, patron of the mad and depraved.
Sadly Siva Ebonrock, a fixer working for some of the nobles of the city, and some bothersome adventurers interfered with Milo and Mortons plans. First killing Milo before he ever saw his masterpiece in action and a few weeks thereafter destroying Lukas before it could be unleashed upon the citizens of Corvis.

Miniature: “Necrogolem” from Wolsung
Manufacturer: Micro Art Studio
Material: resin
Base size: 50mm

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