Celestial Herald

Celestial Herald

Finished August 2013

Celestial Herald frontCelestial Herald leftCelestial Herald backCelestial Herald rightCelestial Herald closeup

This model takes the spot of “SDE model I’ve spend the most time painting so far” from the Angry Bear.

Her wings have weird details. There are only some feathers sculpted in detail on them and they seem to be placed randomly on the wings. My first approach was to highlight the existing feathers in a way similar to the fur of the Angry Bear. After completing the model and gluing her together I just wasn’t satified with the result. Some days later I decided to take her apart again and completely repaint the wings. The new approach looks way better, but took an excruciating amount of time

For millennia Celestials have remained aloof from the world below. As the Dark Consul’s power grows his shadow extends even across their sacred lands and at last they have begun to recognize that the threat concerns all the peoples of Crystalia. The arrival of their Heralds signals that Celestia will not submit quietly.

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