Bad Bread

Today we complete the Food Mimic Gang with its final member – the Bad Bread.

The Bad Bread just wants to have fun. Not burdened with too much intellect the Bread merrily follows his gang members examples and does as he is told. The most fun the Bread can have is when engaged in combat. Using his massive size he loves to barrel into the midst of the enemy, crushing them with his body

Bad Bread

Some Cheese?

Not all members of the Food Mimic Gang disguise themselves as baked goods, this one prefers to be a Chunk O’ Cheese.

The Chunk O’ Cheese has a vicious mean streak. She enjoys cruelty and inflicting pain on a scale that even disturbs her comrades from time to time. In times of combat the Cheese can always be found in melee, where she can do the most damage. She likes to stay on the sidelines though, trying to flank her enemies an pick of stragglers.

Chunk O' Cheese

Dread Donut

Another member of the Food Mimic Gang, the Dread Donut.

The inquisitive Dread Donut is the scholar of the gang. Her keen knowledge of the arcane arts is a valued resource for her comrades. Using her arcane might she provides ranged support for the gang in combat, battering the enemy with a huge array of deadly arcane eye beams from a distance.

Dread Donu

Cunning Cupcake

Beside the voodoo puppets other strange beings called the swamp witch’s hut their home. None of them weirder than a gang of tiny mimics, disguised as food, who made their camp on the kitchen table. First off, we have the head of the gang, the Cunning Cupcake.

The Cunning Cupcake is the undisputed leader of the Food Mimic Gang. His clever tactics and shrewd ambushes helped the gang to waylay many victims. In combat the Cupcake likes to keep his distance from the enemy, leading his gang from behind and taking potshots at weakened enemies with his eyebeam.

Cunning Cupcake

Gelatinous Cube

I found this cute SDE sized Gelatinous Cube on Shapeways and as the Cubes are some of my favorite monsters from D&D, I decided I needed one.

I ordered the model in “Plastic: Frosted ultra detail”, which is one category below the printing quality I chose for the Ghost model. I don’t know if it was due to the printing quality or the model itself, but there were noticable steps on the surfaces of the sides and top of the cube. As there were none on the front and the eyes I think it is an issue with the model, rather than the printing quality. The problem was only minor, though, as a few strokes with a file removed the steps.

Gelatinous Cube

Star Wars: Armada Ghost

I’m rather sure that 3d printed minis will have a big impact of the mini industry in the coming years. Heard a lot of good things about Shapeways and decided to place an order with them some weeks ago. Was pleasantly surprised that they have a production center in Europe, which had a very positive effect on delivery costs and time.

My first ever painted 3d model is the Ghost from Star Wars Rebels in about 1:1650. It should fit in nicely with the Rogues and Villains expansion for Star Wars: Armada. The model was created by Mel_Miniatures.

The models on Shapeways are still rather expensive. More than 16€ for such a small model is a hefty price. In X-Wing scale the model costs more than 150€, which is about triple the price the prepainted Ghost model from Fantasy Flight is expected cost.

I chose “Plastic: Frosted extreme detail” for the printing quality and the detail on the mini is really great. The material seems to be very durable, but I had to clean it very thoroughly before it accepted paint.