Milo Torm, the Alchemist’s Ghost

Finished August 2016

Milo front
Milo back

Milo Torm was a prodigy with a special aptitude for alchemy and arcane engineering. Sadly Milo was also a sociopath with whom nobody wanted to work together. Earning a meager living with his alchemy shop, Milo was discovered by Morton Rorke, a lieutenant in the Corvis City Watch, who secretly led a Thamarite Cult dedicated to Scion Lukas. Morton tasked Milo with building a Warjack which fed on souls and could be used to spread death and chaos in the name of Lukas.
Shortly after his work was completed, but before he could ever see it in action, Milo was killed through the machinations of Siva Ebonrock, a fixer working for some of the nobles of the city, who did not want any public attention to come to Thamarites.
Milos spirit, enraged that it could never see its greatest work in action, was not ready to leave for Urcaen and still lingers in the secret workshop below his alchemy shop, ready to strike down anyone who dares to enter.

Miniature: Damiel, Iconic Alchemist
Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Material: metal
Base size: 30mm

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