Mecha Front Neo-Bloc Goshawks

After painting mainly chibi minis for some time now, it wanted to paint something different.

As couple of mecha minis from Jon Paulson’s Mecha Front Kickstarter arrived late last year I jumped at the opportunity and began painting them. I loved mecha minis since I got my hands on BattleTech minis in the late 80s. Have painted dozens of those and the Mecha Front minis remind me of them a lot. As an added bonus they have a much more appealing size with 15mm instead of the 6mm BattleTech minis.

It took quite some time to finish the minis, as I was also fixing my damaged Warmachine minis at the same time. Some repositioning of the legs and adding magnets to the weapon arms so I could exchange the weapon layout also added to the time it took to finish the minis.

At long last all three variants of the Neo-Bloc Goshawk are finished. Need to find some time to try out the game system, soon.

Neo-Bloc Goshawks