Crypt of Morrow

About a month ago I started to experiment a bit with 3D modeling. There is an encounter in the Iron Kingdoms Witchfire Trilogy adventure “The Longest Night” featuring a sarcophagus of a high priest of menoth. I found a nice sarcophagus on Thingiverse, but it had the wrong symbol on the lid. So I sat down and created a 3D model of the symbol of Morrow and added it to the existing model. I also changed the base of the sarcophagus to sit at an angle.
To add even more elements to the encounter I also created a statue of the high priest. The statue itself is a Precursor Knight from Privateer Press, the socket is once again from Thingiverse.

Crypt of Morrow:

Symbol of Morrow 3D model:
Symbol of Morrow

Sarcophagus 3D model: