While still painting some final minis for our current IKRPG campaign, I currently mostly focus on minis I’ll need when we start our Kingmaker campaign later this year (or whenever the 10th anniversary edition is released).
As Paizo already anncounced that quite a few of the characters Owlcat Games created for their CRPG adaption of Kingmaker will be added to the 10th anniversary edition, I began to look for minis for these characters. As Linzi was my favorite character of the CRPG, I started with her.
Linzi, as a lot of the Kingmaker NPCs, was released as a plastic mini for Pathfinder Battles, but those minis are rather small and not very detailed.
As I found no other even remotely fitting model I turned to Heroforge to created a model for her myself. I’m very happy with the result, and as Heroforge now also sells digital 3d files I was able to download and print her at home.
Up next: Amiri

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